When it is close to that time of the year when temperatures are shallow and very chilly, dog owners look to make their adorable companions warm and comfortable. Dogs could also be facing some health difficulties and need all the rest they can get.

This is where heated dog beds become a necessity, as the general well-being of a dog depends on it. Some dogs do not need it, however, as they are able to cope with cold weather conditions.

The Kinds of Heated Dog Beds

There are numerous types of heated dog beds, some of which include:


  1. Bolster

This kind of heated dog bed is mainly used inside the house. It is like the normal beds we sleep on, but this comes with a heating gadget to keep your dog warm and comfortable. Your dog can also make use of the cushioned walls around the bed as a headrest. They are the most popular kind of heated dog beds.

  1. Flatbed pads

This type of heated dog beds come in two versions—the ones suited for any room spacing and those that go with dog crates. When space is limited, flat PFDs make a comfortable option for your dog. They fit easily into any space area that is the same length and breadth of the bed. These heated dog beds are made from a combination of at least two orthopedic memory foam cushions most times. They are very easy to clean. Remove the memory foam from the zippered casing and wash.

The flat PED pads that come in the form of crate design are specifically made for use on dog crates. Your dog would be very comfortable and not slide off, as it can be attached to the corners of the crate through the slits provided.

  1. Outdoor heat beds

Your dog could be the type that loves to spend a lot of time outside the house. The heat dog beds are designed for use outdoors or in doghouses because of the hot weather conditions. The outdoor heated dog beds that are very durable and comfortable for your dog are those made from strong fabrics. The covers of these kinds of heated dog beds are made from soft fabrics that can fit well over the bed and can be easily washed.

  1. Heated cushion covers

This type of heated dog bed is basically a cover you place over a piece of furniture your dog loves to sleep on. This could be a foot cushion or a family-sized sofa. This kind of heated dog bed covers come with a heating gadget that keeps your dog warm. In the case of you sharing the sofa with your dog, you can put the heating device underneath the part your dog is lying on. The great thing about this type of heated dog cover is that the heating like can be removed for washing of the cover. Thus, making it last a long time.

Benefits of Getting A Heated Dog Bed

For Old Dogs

Due to their age, which makes some dogs face varying health issues, they are not able to regulate body heat like when they were younger. A heated dog bed would help to keep dogs in this age bracket very warm. It also helps to soothe and relieve dogs who suffer from arthritis.

Great for Dogs Who Love Been Outdoors

Pets that love to spend a lot of their time outdoors need a heated dog bed. This is especially true for dogs that stay in locations with very cold climatic conditions. When they need to warm up, they can easily low on the heated bed. It also eases any joint pains that could arise due to cold weather.

Puppies delight

Like dog breeds without fur and old dogs who cannot regulate their body heat, puppies need a here’s dog bed as well. This keeps them feeling warm even when they are not sharing body heat with their mates.

For Dogs Without Much Fur

There are some breeds of dogs that are not blessed with fur coats. Your dog probably falls into this category. Thin, lean dogs like the Dalmatian do not have enough fur to cope with chilly weather. Especially during winter. Thus, it is of great benefit to get a heated dog bed for them. They would feel warm and comfortable even during the coldest nights.

Choosing the Right Dog Bed


When buying a heated dog bed, there are several things you must put into consideration. Let us briefly discuss these factors.


You must buy a heated dog bed that fits into your budget and is high quality at the same time. If you can afford moderately priced brands, make sure the materials are durable. Going for expensive dog beds that are not durable is not a wise decision.

Safety of the heating method

Some dog beds are wired, while others are wireless. The wired option comes with an electric heating line. So, you make it warm by plugging it to a socket. The wireless or self-warming option utilizes the body heat of your pet to warm up. So, you can choose which one you feel safer with.

Ease of cleaning

This should be one of the most important things to look out for. Washable dog bed covers are the best as you can easily clean them.

Fabrics quality

Be sure to go for heated dog beds made from high-quality materials. This ensures that the dog bed lasts for a long time, nonslip bottom grips and are not safety hazards.


Getting a heated dog bed is a perfect way to help your dog stay warm. You can choose from the available types of heated dog beds in the market as it suits your dog’s age and health needs. Heated dog beds are very safe. Make sure they come with washable covers. Be sure to read and follow all safety guidelines on the heated dog bed you purchase. This prevents your dog from suffocating or sustaining injuries.

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