Many owners of cats have noticed that their pets tend not to drink enough water. You would think that getting a simple water bowl would make your cat drink more water. On the contrary, that is not the solution to this issue. Cats are generally very selective of the containers they drink water from. Some will not even drink water throughout the day if it is not from a glass cup.

Others are even so picky that they only drink from a kitchen sink tap. So how do you get your furry pet to drink enough water without all these annoying picky habits?

This is where the purchasing of a Cat water drinking fountain can help. A Cat water fountain is an appliance that emits water in the manner that cats desire most- in running fashion. Veterinary doctors even recommend cat water fountains than the typical water bowl. A cat water fountain comes with several benefits that help to make your cat drink adequate amounts of water.

The Healthy Benefits of a Cat Water Fountain

Makes Your Cat Drink More

Cats naturally do not feel inclined to drink much water. Members of the cat family who live in the wild forests get most of their needed body hydration from the animals they prey on. But your domestically raised feline companion cannot do the same. Hence, they need to drink more water.

So, to get your cat taking more water daily, purchasing a cat water fountain is the surest means to take. You can even get cat water fountains to produce water flows that are soothing and attractive to your cat.

Prevents them from Succumbing to Health Problems

A cat water fountain is an excellent way of making sure your cat is well hydrated. Inadequate hydration exposes your cat to a number of complicating health issues. Diseases related to the kidneys and the urinary tract are often the result of poor body hydration. Kidney stones are often a consistent health issue when cats do not drink enough water. This is because of the ease at which minerals quickly form into stones.

Persistent kidney stones could result in you visiting your veterinary doctor more often than is convenient for your schedule. You would also be paying more in veterinary bills. So, why not just invest the time and money to get a good cat water fountain. It keeps your cat in good shape and saves you more money to use for other profitable things instead of vet costs.

Water Fountains Entice Cats

Cat water fountains have been proven to provide a great attraction for cats. The simple act most cat owners take is to just buy a water bowl. This falls short as a means of enticing their cats to hydrate themselves more. It is not to say water bowls are not good, but water levels cannot always be maintained.

Cats do not like going deep in order to drink water. Cats are naturally very keen observers and are even keener listeners. When they notice the level of water in a water bowl is way too deep that their whiskers are stressed, they will not drink.

But when they hear running water from a water fountain, you can be sure they b such a source would draw them in, and they would happily drink enough water always.

Cats Do Not Like Stagnant Water

By nature, environments with plenty of stagnant water make us humans susceptible to a lot of health issues. The same goes for our adorable feline companions. Cats are generally known to be naturally averse to drinking from stationary water. This is because they are sensitive to unhealthy bacteria that are habiting in such an environment. Domestically raised cats prefer to drink from a running water source than from a stationary source. This instinct has helped them maintain a healthy lifestyle for the most part of their lives.

Cat water fountains provide your cat with a steady source of running water, which always helps them stay well hydrated. Water fountains also prevent the accumulation of dirt at the water surface and filter out harmful bacteria with their water softening filtering feature.

Dislike for Whiskers Touch/ Whisker Stress

The whiskers of a cat are very vital to its survival generally. As a result, cats do not take kindly to their whiskers been touched at all, and they get all feisty. This feisty temperament comes out when their whiskers are tampered with when they are eating from cry deep feeding bowls or drinking from water bowls with little amounts of water. The exhibition of this touchy behavior is known as whisker fatigue. Cat water fountains are set up to prevent such stress from happening. Cats can have a drinking time without their whiskers touching the water at all. So, you have your cat willing to drink more water.

Choosing a Good Water Fountain for Your Cat

When choosing a good water fountain, there are a few important factors to consider. Firstly, make sure it is developed using high-quality materials. This guarantees that it lasts for a very long time and does not easily break when toppled over. Secondly, you should make sure that they are not made from toxic materials that can harm your cat.

Lastly, ensure that it is one that goes with your budget. Water fountains come at various prices, and it can be easy to get confused. For this reason, you want to have this sorted out before choosing one.


Are you looking for a means of getting your cat to drink more water for a healthy disposition? Provide them with a means of accessing running water. Cat water fountains are a great way of making your pet cats get the right amount of hydration for their body. The water level indicator in most of the brands available have been known to make cats drink more water. Whatever brand of cat water fountain you get for your cat, be sure that they are free of BPA, which can be toxic to your pet. They would also help to cut down on your visits to the veterinary doctor with frequent health problems of your cat. So, get a cat water fountain today.

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