Border Collie Dog Breed Information

Border Collie Puppies: The Border Collie dog breed was developed to gather and control sheep in the hilly border country between Scotland and England. He is known for his intense stare, or “eye,” with which he controls his flock. He’s a dog with unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive, all of which make him a premier herding dog; he’s still used today to herd sheep on farms and ranches around the world. The highly trainable and intelligent Border Collie also excels in various canine sports, including obedience, flyball, agility, tracking, and flying disc competitions.

Border Collies ranked as One of The Most Intelligent dog breeds is a part of herding dog breed. Developed in the Scottish Border region, this breed has been specifically bred for its intelligence and obedience. Blessed with high energy, stamina, and work drive, Border collies are still being used as herding dogs on sheep farms and ranches around the world.

Border Collie Dog Breed Information
Border Collie Dog Breed Information

Canine behaviorists across the world have ranked Border Collies as one of the most trainable and intelligent dogs that are not only suitable for herding but also excels in canine sports such as obedience, agility, tracking, and other competitions. In 2011, a Border Collie was reported to have mastered over 1022 words and acts related to the citation of those words. If you are the proud owner of this breed or are planning to get one, there are certain aspects that you will have to understand about your Border Collie to develop a happy, healthy and long-lasting companionship.

Border Collie Puppies For Sale

Smartest dog I had ever seen!

I bought it for 3k from a pet shop in my locality. I didn’t know the breed then and I don’t think even the shop owner knew! Lucky me!

I choose her because she was a quick learner and very energetic. And very beautiful indeed!!!

Later when my vet told me her breed I looked up on the internet and found that border collie cost around 10–15k. Don’t get fooled by people who are saying it will cost you in lacs.

So if you are planning to bring one home, you surely will love him and also will struggle to keep him busy.

Free Border Collie Puppies

 beautiful border collie puppies for sale
beautiful border collie puppies for sale

A Border Collie is a descendant of Landrace Collies that were found widely in the British Isles. Between the borders of Scotland and England, herding dogs, especially Border Collies became priced assets for their owners and the best working dogs were bred with each other. With their type varies based on the terrain they worked on, these herding dogs were named Northern Sheepdogs, Welsh Sheepdogs or Highland Collies. The name – Border Collie reflects its a partial Scottish heritage. Historically, in 1860, Scotch Sheep Dogs were on display in a dog show held in England where Queen Victoria was impressed by the breed and became an enthusiast. In early 1858, Collies were listed as imports to New Zealand as working dogs from the United Kingdom. Today Border Collies are recognized as premier sheep herding dog and was recognized as a Breed by the American Kennel Club in 1995.

One of the most unique aspects of a Border Collie is their superior intelligence. Experts often refer to Border Collies as the rocket scientists of the canine world. Border Collies are also known to be highly sensitive to their handler’s cue – whether its a whistle or a raised eyebrow or even a hand signal.   Another unique aspect of a Border Collie is their unique stare, also called “the eye”. The stare is supposed to be so intense that nothing can escape from it. The stare or the eye helps the Border Collie to herd sheep and keep an eye on them.   The third aspect which is absolutely unique to this breed is the ability to move quickly in a crouching position like a stalking cat. The gap between the shoulder blades helps the collie to move quickly and herd efficiently.

Border Collie Puppies Breeds

Border Collie Puppies Breeds
Border Collie Puppies Breeds

now read the article further and know some new things about the Border collie dog breed.

Breed Name Border Collie Dog
Origin United Kingdom, England, and the Scottish border
Lifespan 10- 14 years, the average life of most of the dogs is 12 years.
Breed Group Herding dogs
Size Type Medium-sized Dog breed
Height Males: 19-22 inches(48-56 centimeters) and Females: 18-21 inches(46-53 centimeters)
Weight Males: 14-20 kg(30-45 lb) and Females: 12-19 kg(27-42 lb)
Temperament Smart, energetic, acrobatic, athletic, intelligent.
Coat Color Chocolate merle, blue merle, chocolate, lilac-blue, harlequin, shaded sable, chocolate sable, black, white, red or brindle, sable merle, etc. They could be either solid colored, bicolored or tricolored.
Coat characteristics Rough or smooth double coat
What to feed A border collie is supposed to be fed with high-quality food as recommended by a veterinarian. But, generally, a puppy must be fed with an adequate amount of food four times a day, whereas an adult border collie dog must be fed twice in a day.
Litter Size 6-8 puppies, Maximum 10 puppies.
Training needs The obedience training is essential to be given to the dogs of this breed and must be given at an early age.
Living Conditions The apartment living is not at all suitable for this dog breed. They don’t confine to be kept in indoors and love to stay outside the home. They jump or dig fences.
Exercise requirement The border collie is a dog breed that requires vigorous exercise and daily walking needs. They love to run freely.
Health Concerns Hip dysplasia, epilepsy, collie eye anomaly, adult-onset hearing loss, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis.
Bred For Specifically, they were bred for Herding sheep or livestock

Beautiful Border Collie Puppies For Sale

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